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6 Characteristics That You Must Look In a Boutique Hotel When Planning To Visit New Delhi

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Lodging is essentially a concept that has been available across the world for hundreds of years. Travelers frequently require accommodation and added facilities for a comfortable stay while on the move. Hotel concept has evolved a lot from the past and now finding the perfect lodging area is the only requirement. There are a number of hotel options available, from mega-hotels to beach resorts you have plenty of choices to consider. Booking a boutique hotel can really help when you are on a brief stay in any particular city.    

If you are going to visit New Delhi soon and are exploring options for Boutique hotels in Delhi then here are a few characteristics that you must look before booking –

1. Location of the hotel – Location of the boutique hotel is the top most character that must be considered when you are planning to book. New Delhi offers a range of hotels in vivid localities, ones located in the posh region will provide you instant access to up-chic restaurants, pubs, and shopping area. Also, you are likely to experience a bit less hustle of traffic compared to congested locations.   

2. The size of the hotel – Boutique hotels are not much huge as these supports rooms will range from 10 to 100 suites. It is essential that you care about the size of the hotel as you wouldn’t want to spend your comfort session in overly congested space. 

3. The uniqueness of the hotel – Boutique hotels should offer a unique touch to your living. It could be a special warm welcome you receive when you visit the hotel first time or a small gesture like making your room comfortable and nice. This “cookie cutter” feel is likely to make you book the hotel more than once. 

4. The design of the hotel – Boutique hotels come in a number of designs and believe it or not it plays a big role in appealing you. Some hotels are upright modern and chic while the others can be cozy just like your home. A brilliant hotel décor can be comfortable and soothing for your eyes and you are surely going to enjoy it.  

5. The reputation of the hotel – Reputation is an important factor when you are investing your money and time in a hotel. Most hotels fail to keep up with even the basic hygiene and amenities, which is a pity. The best way to know about the reputation of a hotel is to research on Google, by doing so you will be able to safeguard yourself from false claims.    

6. Services offered – When booking a boutique hotel in New Delhi, go through the services that are being offered. Things like travel desk, hygiene maintenance, room service, fitness center, etc. can upgrade your entire travel experience and will make you miss your home a lot less.

Consider to identify all these characters the next time you go book a boutique hotel! 

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